"We are living in a new economy - powered by technology, fuelled by information, and driven by knowledge."

The education model that had been traditionally rolled on in Matt Talbot incorporated modular learning reinforced by one to one mentoring support, focus on study skills and assignment completion. We felt that a number of elements approaches.

We felt that critical thinking, problem solving and communication were constant themes that shone through in other aspects of programme content and our revised educational approach should emanate from this concept.

With this in mind, it is the ambition of the Matt Talbot Community Trust to migrate whole programme activity to a Project Based Learning approach by the end of 2020.

Through this change, we aim to create an environment within which all participants who come to our programme will exit independent of services; become more engaged with key systems to support the individual as a responsible citizen; engaged in lifelong learning building social capital at community level increasing self-esteem, confidence and personal satisfaction through the development of social and life skills; increased agency and autonomy, the development of new friendships, improved and sustained relationships, and enhancing contact with people and the community.