We always welcome corporate support and are grateful for the generous support of these organisations include:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to the efforts made by a company to improve society and contribute towards sustainable development. Also known as corporate conscience or corporate citizenship, CSR describes initiatives run by a business to evaluate and take responsibility for their impact on a number of issues ranging from human rights to the environment.

Community Pillar of CSR

Philanthropic social responsibilities go beyond simply operating as ethically as possible and involve actively bettering society. This type of corporate social responsibility is frequently associated with donating money to charities, with many businesses supporting particular charities that are relevant to their business in some way.

However, philanthropic CSR does not only refer to charity donations. Other common philanthropic responsibilities include investing in the community or participating in local projects.

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Matt Talbot and CSR

MTCT were introduced to the concept of CSR through our engagement with Business in the Community linking through the community pillar initiatives. BICT serve as a link between companies and the charity sector in setting up Impact Days whereby a company works to an agreed plan with the charity. The work can be a one off programme of one-day duration or in some cases we have had the opportunity to link with companies for a longer period for skills based work such as the week we spent working with Google on a communication strategy.

However, philanthropic CSR does not only refer to charity donations. Other common philanthropic responsibilities include investing in the community or participating in local projects.

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Do you want to become a Matt Talbot Community Trust Corporate Partner?

Contact me directly, Grainne Jennings (Director) at grainne.jennings@matttalbot.org or call me on 01 626 4899 and we can discuss ways your organisation can get involved, that is mutually beneficial to both our organisation’s and people.

I would be happy to discuss the various creative ways your company can get involved with the Matt Talbot Community Trust – from group work in our Ballinascorney premises in the Dublin mountains, to providing opportunities for both your staff and our participants to learn and get to know each other, developing skills, networks and community. We have a variety of interesting ways your company can get involved – individually or in groups. Get in touch and let’s see how you can help!

Individual Benefactors include Jessie Buckley who gave a wonderful fundraising concert for Matt Talbot together with Philip King of Other Voices in September 2019, with a stellar line up including Martin Hayes, Scullion, Natalya O’Flaherty, John Connors (Love/Hate), Emmet Kirwin (Riot / Dublin Old School), Alex Murphy (Young Offenders)

That concert realised some €30,000 which we are using for the rebuilding of our centre in Ballyfermot destroyed by fire in 2018.

Sponsor a brick?

Matt Talbot Community Trust experienced a devastating fire in the main building in October 2018. Due to budgeting constraints and in planning permission delays we are currently limited to hosting our whole programme from our premises in Colepark Drive.

The main building facilitated the majority of the key activities involving the participants of Matt Talbot Community Trust and the wider community and was the hub or heart of our community.

There was a state-of-the-art kitchen within the building that provided just over 5,500 hot meals per year prior to the fire. Cooking and eating together as a group are key elements of Matt Talbot Community Trust’s approach to a holistic educational experience and the creation of a safe and secure place where participants old and new congregate. We always had an expression in Matt Talbot Community Trust when cooking lunch each day “and one for the pot” meaning inevitably we would be joined by someone else dropping by as they knew that dinner would be there waiting for them if they called in.

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The redesign will include:

  • Dining area
  • Kitchen
  • Sanitary facilities
  • Reception
  • Foyer
  • Exhibition space
  • Meeting area
  • Office
  • Individual studio / work space
  • Storage
  • Upgraded thermal envelope
  • Upgraded heating system and wiring

The exterior of the building will also be developed to realise MTCT’s wish of developing an Edible community garden! This will include:

  • Green house
  • Compost area
  • Potting Sheds
  • Communal meeting space

Until the build is complete, MTCT will be under severe pressure given the limitations in space and resources in all aspects of work. COVID-19 and the need for social distancing has also highlighted the importance of the completion of planned works as MTCT will struggle to provide all necessary supports for participants given the limitation in space currently. If you wish to donate to the completion of the rebuild, click here