The concept of our Future Options Programme was borne out of our experience of working with adults who are unfamiliar with the working environment, skills required and sustaining/follow through on agreed actions.

The programme seeks to equip participants with the necessary skills and competencies for a successful move on to further education and/or employment. The core driver is the continued development of a flexible personal profile which allows participants to explore different interests and options. This is bolstered through work experience placements that aid participants in developing a diverse array of employability skills. Through our linkage into CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programmes, group members have accessed work place tours in AOL; C.V. preparation and interview techniques in AOL, supported work placement with Deloitte; “A day in the life of…” work place tour with Eir; piloting work ready programme with Accenture. Participants can build general experience while working towards their long-term goals.

To cater for our participants diverse set of life experiences we have created three flexible career development programmes; Work-In, Work-Through and Work-Out. The programmes build confidence and provide opportunities for successful transitions into further education and long lasting employment.

1. Work In

The Work In Programme develops knowledge and experience of the working world. It provides participants with a realistic picture of the world of work and a sense of different workplace cultures. The most significant value of the programme is the confidence and personal development that it instils in our participants. We organise:

– Workplace tours – Employer presentations – Single day placements – Work shadowing – Information interviews with key people in our participant’s areas of interest

2. Work Through

During Work Through our participants identify any barriers they may have in accessing employment and further education. This essential phase is designed to build experience in specific career and academic areas. Activities include:

– Short specific placements – Developing interview skills – Designing tailored CV’s – Coaching – Academic development

3. Work Out

Our Work Out programme is more focused on structured work placements. The aim is to develop specific skills and competencies that will help realise our participants’ career goals and help in making a successful transition into the working world. The core elements are:

– Participating in coaching and mentoring relationships with employers – Structured supported placements that focus on the development of key employability skills

This programme is further reinforced through our innovative Project Based learning model based on the development of the following skills

  • personal and social responsibility
  • planning, critical thinking, reasoning, and creativity
  • strong communication skills, both for interpersonal and presentation needs
  • cross-cultural understanding
  • visualizing and decision making
  • knowing how and when to use technology and choosing the most appropriate tool for the task