“Think Globally, Act Locally”
  • ‘Inside Out’ is an innovative hybrid of therapy and discussion-based social education designed to cater for all learning styles and needs
  • In 2015, MTCT developed and piloted a pioneering programme that was designed to bring about a greater understanding of the connection between the individual self, the community, and the global. This includes the impact of global issues such as the rise of populism, climate change, migration, and conflict on the community and the individual. The aim is to engage participants to think critically and to empower them in becoming active citizens.
  • In May 2016, the programme was shortlisted (from 12 projects) to pitch for seed funding awarded by Social Entrepreneurs Ireland (SEI. These projects had to address the theme of “unlocking a positive future for offenders”. Our programme won this award (the Minnovation Award) and was recognised as “outstanding and innovative” by SEI.
  • This is an innovative programme that has much potential in developing more critical, engaged, and active citizens. However, due to limitations in resources and funding, this programme is currently not being utilised to the best of its potential. If you wish to donate to help develop the ‘Inside Out’ programme, please donate