What does the Matt Talbot Community Trust do?

The Matt Talbot Community Trust is a small organisation operating from a grassroots level in Ballyfermot. We provide community education programmes for individuals in Dublin and work to address the complex social issues leading to drug use and criminal behaviour. Our Future Options programme is designed to support individuals along their career path journey and overcome the barriers they may face in entering the workplace.
The foundation of the Trust was in the acknowledgement that liberation of the individual came through education. Over 30 years later, our programme still operates under this premise and we take the origin of the word education as being ‘to draw out from within’. The organisation firmly believes in the capacity of our group members to be positive contributors to their communities and workplaces.

What are the challenges we face?

While our organisation can provide our group with the opportunity to attain QQI accreditations, it can be challenging to provide support in areas such as soft skills and practical experience of a workplace and its culture. We believe that a mentor in the form of a Career Coach could provide invaluable support and insights into their chosen field of work for our group members.

What areas do our group members need support in?

● Communication Skills
● Teamwork Skills
● Career Path Advice
● Presentation Skills

What could a mentor offer to address this?

● CV and Cover Letter Preparation
● Workplace Tours – to enable the individual to experience the workplace culture
● Interview Skills Sessions
● Encouragement and support
● Career Path Advice
● Advice on how to enter into a particular field
● Monthly informal meetings
● Share their own experiences and insights

Person Specification

● Tenacious and Resilient
● Strong communication and listening skills.
● Familiar with digital communication platforms
● Determination to see problems and solutions through to the end.
● The ability to empathise with a non-judgemental approach
● Good organisational and time management skills
● The ability to relate to young people and adults
● The capacity to motivate and act as a role model
● Flexibility and adaptability
● A commitment to equality and diversity
● An understanding of confidentiality and the handling of sensitive information

Job Description

● Sharing skills and expertise in a given area.
● Providing encouragement, guidance and constructive feedback.
● Unlocking potential and supporting career development.
● Supporting the individual in dealing with any obstacles.
● Providing one to one mentoring and role modelling both face to face and on a digital platform.
● Helping the individual to resolve a range of issues that may be creating barriers to their progression,
● Drawing up agreed action plans, outlining the aims of the mentoring, and monitoring their progress.
● Providing continued mentoring and support as an individual enters permanent employment.