Senior Project Worker Typical Day

Sep 01, 2020

1. What do you do on a typical day (Karen McDonagh: Senior Project Worker)

My day is all about people. My role involves ensuring that all of our participants eventually step off our programme into further education or employment. I sit down with each individual to discuss their future options. Together we look at life skills, learning opportunities, work experience so they can “try it on for size”, employment training and future careers. I then liaise with educational facilities, our corporate partners, various community and business organisations to build positive relationships and engage their support in creating work placement and job opportunities for our participants.

2. What do you get out of it
For me it’s all about intrinsic reward. I want to add value and make a difference. If I can support someone in making positive change in their lives, then I feel that I have achieved something. I also love the variety of the role and that no two days are the same.

3. What does your job normally entail
One to one meetings with participants discussing their future. Coaching them so that they understand what it is that they want to achieve and then I help them to develop a personal development plan with clear goals and objectives. Sometimes it is about listening and being there when someone is struggling. Following up on job leads, work experience opportunities, learning opportunities etc. Networking in the community and with other community and business organisations, looking for work placements, career mentors and job opportunities. Supporting the participants during work placements. Providing advocacy for those who need support. Participating in group activities. Researching learning opportunities. Facilitating group work and workshops. My role is about providing our participants with the support, the tools and the opportunities that they need in order to achieve their goals.

4. What’s your favourite memory/experience working in MT.
The sense of community. Meeting the families, ex participants dropping by and doing well, watching children grow up, watching people succeed in achieving their goals. I particularly enjoyed the summer outings to Ballinascorney with the group and their families.