Outreach Work

  • We extend our support to post-program outreach to create an enduring impact on our participants' future
  • This one-to-one engagement is also supported by the continued tradition of gathering together for a meal each day
  • Every aspect of the programme is recognised as a learning opportunity for the community to learn and evolve together - both staff and participant - and every individual helps to shape and evolve our programme to best suit the needs of the group so within this context we continue to learn. The programme is evolving into projec-based learning and its application into industry and living skills.
  • We believe that no one person owns "the problem" - we encourage engagement with all systems impacting a person's life. This is so that change can be effected at the level of self, family, and community so that it is enduring change.
  • We operate an open-door policy - everyone is welcome to engage with the program no matter how many times they have attempted to be part of the community at Matt Talbot. The enduring nature of the relationship-building means that there will always be a safe space to which our participants can return if they need further support.